Night Market Life 夜市人生, a popular Taiwan drama series that captures the hearts of many viewers not only in Taiwan but also in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, is back. The main casts namely 白家綺, 李正潁, 方馨,柯叔元,徐亨 and 倪齊民 are here to stage the last 夜市人生 concert LIVE in Singapore.

Bai Jia Qi 白家綺, played the role of 丁珮琪, a senator and the wife of 金大風.

Li Zheng Ying 李正潁, played the role of 金大風 who was 李友慧 ex-husband and husband of 丁珮琪.

Fang Xin 方馨, played the role of the rebellious 李友慧 who turned over a new leaf after the death of 潘可欣.

Ke Shu Yuan 柯叔元, played the role of 楊昊天,the man who loved Fang Xin

Xu Heng 徐亨, played the role of the 洪火槍 who is a righteous gangster

 Ni Qi Ming, 倪齊民, played the role of 葉漢良, father of Ye Ru Yi

 Besides belting out the drama's theme songs and several well-known melodies, these actors and actresses will also be putting together an exciting short skit to entertain their fans! Do not miss the last chance to get up close and personal with the cast of the drama series - Night Market.



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